St. Petersburg: where to go this weekend?

Petrograd possible in an amicable envy, because they live in one of the most beautiful, interesting and attractive tourist cities.There is an abundance of a variety of entertainment, that the question of where to go to St. Petersburg, sounds a bit naive, even for those who live in incredible distance and could only sob uncontrollably over doroguschy offers travel agencies.

Nothing complicated

course, lucky, St. Petersburg eye already "zamylilsya" even splendor, when it surrounds you every day, it may seem routine.Well, if you want to get to know the native of St. Petersburg, where to go at the weekend - a painful choice, of course, but not so much.In the end, favorite city will not run away: next Saturday, you can "fix", even if it failed.

Of course, much depends on the will of the heavenly spheres - the weather in Petrov's creation did not write and did not whined except that lazy.But all this pathetic excuse: there are places where you can go to St. Petersburg, even in the bad weather.

Palaces and mansions

In the city alone imperial palaces - ten, sixteen - the princes, and even the various mansions, once belonged to the noble lords and other prominent personalities in the history of Russia, innumerable.Not every resident of the metropolis can boast of having seen them all - so why not fill the gap and go to conquer uncharted space.

great option for those who are trying to decide where to go at the weekend in St. Petersburg - Yusupov Palace.Once it belonged to Shuvalov, then Catherine II (she had bought, and then gave a close friend, niece of Prince Potemkin).In the 30s of the 18th century mansion became the property of a noble family Yusupov - and they are required to the current generation of luxury interior decoration, which make the heart faint, and wander through the halls of amazing, mouth agape.

Kingdom luxury

The palace is located on the Moika, 94. Let the traveler not disappoint strict, promised nothing facade: yellow-orange walls, white columns, among which unconvincingly modest front door.Once the newly tourists get in and get the opportunity to see his massive grand staircase, he will inevitably fall under the charm of this magnificent mansion, which is so rich in St. Petersburg: where to go next weekend, it will be easier to solve already.The main thing - to start.

Seasoned travelers would recommend the audio guide.Yes, it is more expensive than a group tour (almost twice), but do not need to run after skipping a guide, and can be given to each room as much time as you want.

Aristocratic chic

Every room (to call it a handicap language does not turn), its own history and special decorations.This is partly explained by the fact that during the XIX century, the palace was rebuilt continuously, different architects have made their adjustments in the layout and in the interior of the mansion.

wonder there is absolutely everything: acoustic riddles billiard room, and quite charming prince's theater scene which remembers Liszt, Esenina, Viardot.In this house, on the initiative of a few nobles, is trying to save Russia, Grigory Rasputin was murdered.Event devoted an entire exhibition to the wax figures of the actors.

Palace is not a museum - the Soviet government to the royal generosity "unsubscribe" of his People's Commissariat of Education, so it remains to this day.This is probably the most luxurious house of the teacher in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

Here are held official events like congresses and conferences.The palace has its own site, so finding the right information or the schedule of such interesting exhibitions and performances (theater - acting!) Is not difficult.

And this is just one of the palaces of the city!And their more than three dozen - this is St. Petersburg!Where to go - a closed issue for the coming six months.

no museums!

Of course, you can separately register Hermitage, because everything in the world know that you can come here almost every day - and still be interesting.Of course, those who are tired of museums during his school years, will have to seek other activities, but is also a problem?

People burdened offspring, and they can not decide where to go at the weekend in St. Petersburg, to find the answer is simple: of course, on the island Divo!Getting extremely easy - entrance to the park is located right near the exit from the metro station "Prospect of the Enlightenment."

Visitors to note that this theme park - worthy "our answer to Chamberlain."The instigator of the construction, of course, was the Disneyland - it is not hidden.There's even a cup of tea pot steep as in the famous entertainment center of all time.


Making Park - above all praise, sheathed camera does not want to guarantee: to adorn lawns hut on chicken legs, and next to them - giant mushrooms.Among the trees - a scattering of bright "hellouinskih" pumpkins.

Funny firemen, princess frog, cowboys, Indians, three-headed dragon (even newly hatched from an egg).In general, who was not sheltered at Miracle-island St. Petersburg: where to go in every next moment, decide to children who are in complete culture shock.Losing sight of the favorite child, which rushes beside himself with delight from attraction to attraction, is strictly forbidden.

for the most daring and the most curious

It provides the most advanced "tickling of nerves" - and the chain carousel at the height of bird flight, and classic roller coaster.And yet - a variety of turntables, cable "slingshot" roller coaster, bumper cars - in general, the choice is huge.The smallest will also find something to do: they have prepared such spaces where the road hazards ordered.

there and where to go with the child in St. Petersburg: "Kindburg" on the territory of the SEC "Grand Canyon" - grown here move there, so young should be sufficiently independent, but, "having passed" him up animators caneasily go for a walk - even after six hours of continuous drive your treasure will be desperate to resist and refuse to return home.

Here you can "test" different professions, interesting things to learn handicrafts, draw, dance, participate in contests, and generally have fun at glory.

Another great option where you can go to St. Petersburg - Oceanarium.Yes, "it is not Barcelona," as they say already visited (I wonder if they visited in Catalonia?), But also impressive.Go through a transparent tunnel surrounded by colorful inhabitants of the depths - the pleasure is not the last.

May holidays

particularly hospitable and nice town in the last month of spring, so the options for where to go in St. Petersburg in May - a great many.This magical time of the White Nights, which shows the bridge and admire the divorce (by the way, it is better to do it with sushi), and walk along St. Petersburg's parks and the waterfront.

In early May - a set of output, and even then everyone happy to try: concerts, festivals, rallies, and so on.innumerable.So in the process of choosing where to go in St. Petersburg on May, you can find even the most unexpected options if the traditional procession on Nevsky no longer meets the needs of the entertainment.

On Victory Day celebrations do not end, as the last Sunday of spring - the Day of the City.This event is also confined many activities, so where to go in St. Petersburg in May, is solved simply enough.

Help Hall

quite bewildered citizens are not able to decide on their own, may have recourse to collective intelligence.In this case, it does not let you down.Rare city can boast of so many loyal fans as St. Petersburg.Where to go - tell, show, advise the best routes.Even nashepchut how and what you can save.Visit one (and preferably several) dedicated to Peter resources - and there are a huge amount - can be filled with so many ideas, that for two years and then not fulfill.

So it is enough to ask: "Where to go on holiday in St. Petersburg?" - In a few minutes at your disposal are topical lists of various pleasures, their brief description and reviews from past visitors, if the event has become a tradition.

Such, for example, as a parade of the Navy in the last days of July.The Neva include combat ships are moored at the berths - and some of them can be visited for free.The team kindly informs "land", which is where, how is called - and there is no entertainment for the boys better than to walk on the deck and look into the captain's cabin.

Frankly, the process of choosing where to go to St. Petersburg, the main thing - do not despair of the number of proposals, because it is not just large, and huge.One only theaters in the city - more than a hundred.Museums - more than two hundred!Under numerous monuments dance, play music, read poetry.The fortress bred guard and shoot a gun.And if you are not limited to what is in the city ...