Kingisepp: attractions, photos

Today, when the crisis has made overseas tours of reach for many Russians to the fore excursions over the vast expanses of our country.For example, an excellent choice is Kingisepp.Attractions of the city are numerous and interesting, why such a journey will take a lot of pleasure to everyone interested in the history of Russia.


City Kingisepp, or as it is called by our ancestors, Yam (later Yamburg), it was founded in 1384, the year.He has frequently been the subject of the claims of the Swedish crown and finally went to Russia only in 1721 on the Treaty of Nystad.

Like many towns in Northwest Russia, Yam arose around the fortress, which was located near the confluence of the River Luga in the Gulf of Finland.In the 16th century it was demolished and built a new stone citadel.In the second half of the 17th century fortress blew the Swedes, and the more it is not restored, so today tourists can see only fragments of fortifications.However, judging from the reviews, even the fragments make

a lasting impression.

Shrine of Our Lady

The church was built by the famous architect KI Brandt and consecrated in 1858 in honor of the Mother of God "All the Afflicted" and in the name of St.Metropolitan Peter.For many years he was a regimental church Kexholmsky Regiment.Today, the church remained a ruin, which is located next to the old cemetery.


main question exhilarating who decides whether or not to go to the bank of the river Luga - which you can see has a webcam?Things will be difficult to explore the city for one short trip.Therefore, you should choose the most interesting objects.Among them is the Town Hall, built in the Romanesque style in 1910.Because the revolutionary events and the Civil War, construction was delayed until 1934, so instead of city services there originally located Turkestan regiment.During the war, destroyed the town hall, and only after 15 years of restoration work had begun, through which the city returned one of his most beautiful architectural sites.For tourists coming to Kingisepp, her visit is a mandatory part of the excursion program.This feedback shows that against the background of the town hall for great pictures for the tourist album.


Want to see all the sights of Kingisepp?Guide can be purchased at the kiosk of the local museum, which was founded in 1960.Initially exhibition housed in the church of St.Catherine, but after 1990 the building was handed over to the Russian Orthodox Church, it was moved to the old body Commercial College.After visiting the museum, you can see the exhibits telling the story of Yamburg, and that happened on the territory of the Kingisepp district during WWII.In addition, the huge interest of the visitors is the exposition "Stop a moment."It is framed in the form of photosalon the early 20th century, and there you can see old photographs, which show Kingisepp, attractions and residents Yamburg.

Bronze lion

What else can surprise Kingisepp?Attractions caught there at every step.At least that's what they write in their reviews by those who have visited this city.For example, in a local park set in a magnificent monument of the Bronze Lion.It was erected in honor of the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812 KI Bistrova.Earlier this place was a veteran of the manor, where he was buried.Bronze lion rests its paw on a ball that represents statehood.Thus, the author of the monument wanted to show that the life of General bistro served the Russian state, and always stood on his defense.

with bronze lion with tombstones General Bistrova related real detective story.Thus, the old-timers say that in 1919 it would send to the smelter, however, dropping from the pedestal could not be loaded on the machine because of the heavy weight.So, the monument was left lying in a ditch until he saw one of the employees of People's Commissariat of Education, and ordered not to return to the place as a museum object.Later, the German occupiers took him to Riga, but local workers were buried after the war, a lion and a sculptural back to its rightful place.


This temple is one of the most important architectural buildings of the city.It is characterized by exceptional beauty and grandeur.That is why those who come in Kingisepp (Leningrad region) landmarks are known even outside our country, first of all, seek to capture the memory of its blue domes.

The church was designed by Antonio Rinaldi in the Baroque style.Permission to build a new stone church in the city of Yamburg gave herself Catherine II, and soon appeared in the town church, the interior and exterior that hit elegance and luxury.In 1934 the church was closed and the building was used as a military warehouse.The further fate of the church was even more tragic because the church was almost completely destroyed during the war.Only in 1965 the church was restored, and the first service was held there in 2000.


main thing is what attracts tourists Kingisepp - sights.For example, there can be seen old ekzertsirgauz.This building was built for military purposes to conduct military exercise in inclement weather, when it was built the Church of St.George.In 1904 the building was damaged by fire, and in 1918 it was decided to close the church.Later the building was restored and placed it Turkestan regiment of the Red Army, and since 1966 it is used as the location of the Kingisepp junior sports school.

Temple Trinity

This temple was built in the Parusinka on donations of family Stiglitz famous patrons.It was badly damaged during the construction of hydropower plants on the river Luga.Today, however, returned to the Life-Giving Trinity Church RIC, and is currently undergoing restoration work there.The building is an excellent example of worship in psevdodrevnerusskom style and is considered one of the most beautiful in the Kingisepp district.

House IA Sakharov

If you arrive in Kingisepp, attractions (photos of some of them are presented above) to be found in the historic center of the city.For example, there can be seen "utyuzhok."This name was given to the House of city residents IA Sakharov.It features interesting architecture, but had no better fate.After all there during the war it housed the Gestapo, in the dungeons of which had been tortured more than a dozen residents of the city.

Now you know what you may be surprised Kingisepp.Attractions (reviews about them only admiration) You also know, so just buy a ticket and to explore this interesting area of ​​the Russian land.