The most famous fountains (Moscow).

Since ancient times, people began to build fountains.Moscow is famous for many such structures, which were built in the estates on the palace grounds.But decorate their streets, parks, boulevards became particularly active in the first half of the XX century.Today in the capital 700 various water projects.Season of fountains in Moscow - from early spring until autumn.

Value fountains

They have always played a big role in the lives of Muscovites and guests of the capital.Someone remembered first meeting, which took place in the square near the fountain on Pushkin Square, while others will never forget the day of the wedding at the gorgeous stage, which can be seen on Poklonnaya Hill.

pity that today we often perceive it as a kind of grandeur of a device that tells us about the change of seasons.Off - means coming winter, included - so come summer.Concerned about their problems, we run past these magnificent structures, not appreciating their beauty.Let's for a moment suspend running and look at so

me of the fountains that adorn our capital.

Fountain near the Bolshoi Theater

This grand monument is known not only Muscovites, all residents of the former Soviet Union, but many citizens of foreign countries.He is the business card of the capital.

It was built in 1835.Author of the project - Ivan Vitali - known at the time sculptor.His creation was the first public fountain in Moscow, although such designs have been known since the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich.He's arranged in Kolomenskoye water fun with "curiosities overseas."

In Soviet times, was planned to place the fountain on the site in early 1940.On the creation of the project worked VI Dolganov, but the war destroyed the plans of urban planners.This issue only after the return of the Great Victory.In 1987, Fountain Square and the Bolshoi Theater were dismantled.Restored fountain was only ten years later.The opening was timed to the 850th anniversary of our capital.But it was another fountain, designed in the studio of "Mosproekt 2".

fountain was raised on a makeshift podium in the center of the circular area.The composition consists of three bowls in which there are two kinds of vases.A spectacular night lighting colorful lanterns adds theatricality of this magnificent water constructions.

working today in the capital, many fountains.Moscow is proud of these unique structures, but the design of the Bolshoi Theater attitude has been, and remains to this day special.Perhaps because it is the place chosen to meet our dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the Victory Day.

«Mermaid" on Butcher

Fountains in Moscow, photos of which you can see in this article, are all very different.They were built at different times, designed by different architects, but they are infinitely roads residents of the capital.As an example, the fountain "Mermaid", located on Butcher Street.It is located in a small but cozy little park at the Stroganov Art School.

Today there is no reliable information about who is the author and performer of the water maiden.This concrete sculpture in the center of the cup - the body of a beautiful girl.It is beautifully curved.The fish tail and the head of the Virgin painted in pink, blue and brown.

«Abduction of Europe»

In the capital, there is a very unusual and original fountains.Moscow has received a gift from the Belgian capital city of Brussels, the composition, called "Rape of Europa".It was installed in 2002 at the Kiev railway station.Its author-garde sculptor Olivier Strebl.

The basis of the composition of the fountain is Greek mythology.The interweaving of the 18-meter pipes can be seen the figure of a bull.The Rape of Europa figure among water jets to consider difficult, but experts say that the image of women in the composition is still present.It symbolizes artfully curved tube imaging charm and femininity.

structure made of stainless steel pipe, located in the granite bowl dynamic lighting fountain.Its diameter - 26 meters.

Singing fountains in Moscow

Perhaps even Muscovites have not seen all the water facilities, which are in their city.As we have said in the capital, you can see a variety of fountains.Moscow cares for old structures, many of which today are historical monuments.

Nevertheless greatest interest are water design with special effects.Singing fountains in Moscow every night collected not only tourists from around the world, but also local residents.The largest such fountain is in the nature reserve "Tsarina", where she loved to rest the Empress Catherine II.

It was opened in 2007.The fountain is located in a natural body of water.Its diameter - 55 meters, depth - 1.5 meters.The design consists of 900 jets.The computer controls the direction of running water, changing the colors, the music, according to a previously developed program.It uses two works by Tchaikovsky ("Marsh" and "Waltz of the Flowers") and two tunes Paul Mauriat.This beautiful fountain operates only during the spring and summer season.The rest of the year it is closed protective awning.

Singing Fountain in the park, there are "bitter".To see its color effects, it is necessary to come to the park at 22.30.Presentation lasts 30 minutes.

In 2005, the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, on the Square of Fame at the metro station "Kuzminki" was installed a fountain "Music of Glory."This structure was created not for entertainment, but as a monument.