Where's the fire barbecue in St. Petersburg legal?

With the onset of warm and sunny days are increasingly a desire to spend free time in nature.An excellent form of recreation is a sortie on a picnic or barbecue.The fresh air, the smell of a campfire, clear skies and gentle rays of the sun - what else is needed to recuperate?

commuters to find a place to stay and the barbeque is not difficult.In particular, if the area is located close to rivers or other natural body of water.For residents, there are two options: have the country and regularly get out there with your family and friends, or to know the good places for cooking barbecue skewers.

Rest legally

where the fire barbecue legally in St. Petersburg?According to the rules, you can not open fire and set the grill, which is equivalent of the degree of danger to it, on the territory forest parks, coniferous plantations, in areas burnt soil and, where the grass is dry.

also forbidden places include peatlands, forest and damaged other items increased fire danger.Barbecue may be installed on th

e ground, half-meter perimeter of which is cleared from the mineral soil layer.After cooking over a campfire embers need to completely extinguish the ashes and pour water until final maturity.

In order to avoid similar problems in the town, best suited special areas equipped with everything necessary for leisure time with comfort.Design, where you can barbecue, usually has a shed, that is, even a sudden it started to rain will not prevent leisure.

Many of these facilities are already equipped with barbecue and sink, which is handy when cooking.A company can be a fun place for a spacious desk and sit on the benches at the same time.After all, sometimes not at all in some places zapaseshsya, sometimes it is because of this there is a snag in the countryside trip.

Unfortunately, in the city to find barbecue facilities is difficult.And then the question arises: "Where barbecue outside the city?"St. Petersburg - it is still the center of the great cultural heritage, which without a barbecue, of course, there is what to do.Theatres, galleries, museums, exhibitions, outdoor areas, monuments, parks, culture and many other things that can help to diversify leisure and broaden their horizons.But sometimes I want to enjoy the taste of meat on the coals.To do this, we have yet to go a little bit outside the city.


Where in St. Petersburg, you can barbecue?At the site, "Legion," which is located at the base "Youth".It is located in the village of Losevo Priozersk District.Under the shelter can accommodate a company of 30 people, there are seats, here you can set the grill.However, for a one-day stay will have to pay about 8.4 thousand. Rubles.

Priozersk District

Where in St. Petersburg barbecue with gazebo?In one of the many picturesque corners of the Priozersk area you can prepare the meat in the company of 12 people and escape from the city.The lake Sukhodolskoye possible not only to organize a barbecue on a visiting day, but also to stay to stay for the whole weekend.Cost - within 500 rubles.per person per night.You can stay in comfortable cabins, day to rent a boat, and then on the grill to cook your own catch of the evening to go to a traditional Russian steam bath.

Gulf Coast

Where in St. Petersburg, you can barbecue?Already long been a favorite place for rest of the townspeople is the coast of the Gulf of Finland.Here in Zelenogorsk Resort District, located in the boarding house "Sea Surf" area under the name "Bay of happiness."It offers a cozy gazebo and grill for 5 thousand. Rub.per day, the amount a person can have up to 50.

Copper Lake and Big Barkov

Where barbecue in St. Petersburg in the company of 8 or 12 friends?The lake Big Barkov has similar platform called "Mini".Such travel will cost 1 to 1.5 thousand. Rubles a day.However, there is no special amenities offered.On the other, the Copper Lake, 15 kilometers of Vyborg highway, located gated complex offering accommodation to suit all tastes, also with a view of the water surface.

it also in territory equipped playground where barbecue in St. Petersburg you can comfortably.It offers a gazebo, barbecue and a separate place for relaxing with a company up to 10 people.You can come just for the day, but also have the opportunity to stay for the whole weekend.


where the fire barbecue in St. Petersburg?It is scenic tent "Sunny."It is located in the Vyborg district on Long Lake, in the village of Gorki.On the beach you can enjoy the smooth surface of the water and the riot of colors of the forest belt on the opposite side.This holiday you can organize company of 12 people, at a cost of 4 thousand. Rub.in a day.


point where the fire barbecue in St. Petersburg?There are also specially equipped barbecue point.They are both in the city and close to its feature.The advantages of this way of rest is the fact that the stay is free.The disadvantage of such sites is self-service.Garbage will need to remove yourself as a pre-occupy space.Since those wishing to relax always more than enough.

example, Sestroretsk - the perfect place for those who like visiting a barbecue and beach holidays.Here you can enjoy superb views of scenery and feel the charm of fresh air.According to the purpose the place has a similar street name - Beach.Pluses holiday here a lot, including a free stay.However, on days when the weather is excellent in this area it becomes a bit crowded.And, unfortunately, often deal with the main drawback - left after unfair travelers debris.

Park Shuvalovsky

Among other parks, confidently established itself Shuvalov.Green area of ​​142 hectares of centuries-old keeps eating, and stretches in a hilly terrain.In the south-east of the park there is a manmade forces serfs working the count Shuvalov hill which has a height of 61 m. Its name - Parnassus.

where the fire barbecue in St. Petersburg?The traditional area for this class is the perimeter around the lake.The park is protected.To maintain its beauty, you should follow safety rules in dealing with fire and, of course, clean.

South Seaside Park

Where barbecue in the south of St. Petersburg?Suddenly, among the rides and other entertainment in the park down the street Valor, you can find a place to cook the meat on the fire would be quite simple.For this purpose, you need only go further into the green zone, away from the mass festivities.South Seaside Park is one of the favorite destinations of tourists.However, it can also be waiting already familiar nuisance in the form of garbage heaps.

Therefore, resting, should take care of cleanliness and take with all the waste.In the south, also is a cozy holiday village Toksovo, which boasts a beautiful forest landscape, as well as the presence of a bison nursery.Here you can find plenty of places for a picnic or barbecue.However, the need to stock up their own barbecue and seats.

Coast Zelenogorsk

where the fire barbecue in St. Petersburg, you can, at the same time to be in the sun and enjoy the local scenery?There are a great place among picturesque lakes.However, during the holidays in Zelenogorsk coast is a popular destination for beach holidays and picnics.So you need to come early to take a comfortable place.Here, of course, there is no ready-made shelters and tables, but the beauty around will make you forget about such inconveniences.

place near the lake long

also on the interval from the street to the avenue Marshal Novikova Queen There is a wonderful town located on the shores of Long Lake.More recently there was a swampy soil and wasteland, but in their place appeared an area with green spaces.This place is very popular among fishermen, as the lake is perch, pike, burbot and bream.

Beach also like tourists, attracts from all over the region, and, of course, local residents.Near the lake is a nature reserve.Beautiful views, a large area, fresh air and the possibility of barbecue in addition to plenty of fish is bound to attract attention.It should definitely visit this place and enjoy a superb vacation.

Conclusion All the above options are only part of the diversity that can be found in the city of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area.Going on vacation, remember cleanliness and order during the picnic.To the next time it was nice to return to a favorite place.