Activities for the Child in Moscow at the weekend.Amusement park for children in Moscow.Entertainment center for children in Moscow

Moscow is not so difficult to find a place where you can spend fun time with your child.Almost every day in the capital are different orientation events - performances, circus performances, exhibitions and more.Entertainment for the child in Moscow, presented in a wide range and among the variety can easily choose what suits your baby.For some active fun suitable for other interesting will visit the museum, planetarium or developmental center.So, what interesting place for children is in the capital?


excellent option with children will visit the water park, and a lot of them in the city.In recent years, the popularity of water attractions skyrocketed.The largest entertainment center - "Kva-Kva Park."There are many fascinating sites, including the rock with waterfall, water slides, wave pool, children's playground, water cannons, and more.

new park "Moreon" offers no less interesting entertainment for children.In Moscow, it is perhaps the only water park, aimed at leisure and adults.Ho

wever, children's playground, located here, is not inferior to other parks in the capital.Slides have different levels extremality, a spa pool, slow river, 130-meter-long labyrinth of tubes, slides, "Black Hole", "artificial sea" - a large wave pool, climbing wall.

"Caribou" is considered to be a full-fledged center for a family holiday, despite its small size.She is rightly proud of the status of the cleanest water park in Moscow.There are 4 slides, a Jacuzzi, swimming pools, as well as a cinema, several bars, saunas, billiards, bowling, spa, small football field, game machines.

No less known are: "Fantasy", "Yong-Life", "Kimberley Land".

amusement park for children in Moscow

In the capital, there are more than 70 parks.They give an opportunity to relax in the open air, ride the rides, feed the birds, beasts, to participate in the games.Activities, which include amusement parks, are countless.Basically, they all offer a carousel, bumper cars, trains and the like, but some of them are unusual, rare forms of entertainment.

two main park giant - is Gorky and Sokolniki, where it is possible and even necessary to guide children.Plenty of entertainment is just amazing.Gorky Park has rental velomobile, rollers at very reasonable prices.Also, children's clubs, a skate park, a small amusement park for children, trampolines.And if you get tired, there are a number Neskuchniy park also offers a variety of entertainment for children.In Moscow, there are other interesting places, for example, Moscow 850, Filevsky the park, working-zorbing track - unique modern attraction.Izmailovo Park with the "racetrack" and a "roller coaster" and Petrovsky Park with the railroad, "water balls" elektrolodkami and many others.Attractions are many recreation areas shopping centers and supermarkets.

Weekend child

Many specialized institutions of Moscow prepared gaming space, competitions, special menu for young visitors.For example, the cafe "Skazka", "Anderson", "MumiKafe" and others.It is worth noting that they work all year round and it is very convenient.

Many parks have prepared a program, for example, the famous amusement park for children in Moscow - Gorky.Until August 31, is a program of "green school" in which children can familiarize yourself with the animals and the environment.The Sokolniki work "Disco Densik."Kids from 3 years old can dance to the music of your favorite cartoon.Free admission.

The city has a large number of exhibitions, such as the installation of "Alice in Wonderland" interactive "Robostantsiya", the exhibition "The House of the giant."

circus and theater for children

Activities for Children in Moscow at the weekend, and not only offer theaters, circuses capital.They can find a presentation for the little ones to suit every taste.Visiting such a place, no child will not remain indifferent to art, get a lot of unique experiences that lay in his sense of moral and ethical principles.Moscow Puppet Theater "Magic Lamp" is considered the best in the country.There are productions Pushkin's fairy tales, Marshak, Kipling, as well as organize exhibitions, presentations of children's books.No less popular and the Russian Academic Youth Theater.The repertoire includes productions of classics, fairy tales, folklore works.

And of course, choosing entertainment for the child in Moscow, do not forget about the circus town, of which there are five.Famous of them - Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and on Vernadsky Prospekt.The latter is the largest in the world, designed for 3400 seats.

Entertainment for the little ones

For children from 1 year is always open, "Green Door" - a space organized by the Society of Janusz Korczak.There are doll houses, slides, cars, stairs, cubes, area quiet and noisy games, as well as a place for children who have not yet learned to walk.Toddlers learn to interact in society, all under the supervision of psychologists and teachers.The center is open on any day except Tuesdays and Saturdays, you can come for free.

Entertainment for children in Moscow offer "Mum's garden", Seasons, where you can come for the day and spend time with benefits for both the child and the mother."Limpopo" - there are classes of dance improvisation, games Montessori system.Also, "Green Pampa", Babycontact, "Baby Club" and "second birth."

Entertainment for 2-year

for children of this age can offer entertainment in the locomotive.There are lots of cars, trains, stations, held events with contests and giveaways.Also kids from 2 years will be interesting petting zoo.In Moscow, a lot of them.Pet and feed the animals in the park can be "Joy", there are rabbits, a herd of deer, goats, squirrels, more than 150 species of birds.Very popular "baby animals as toys," "Gorky", "My Little World", "Wonderful Paradise".Also interesting entertainment for children 2 years in Moscow Animal Theater offer Durov Theater Yuri Kuklachev cats.They are the performances, adapted for young audiences.For the duration of the submission fairly short, so kids easily follow the plot, and they are enduring in such performances.

Activities for children from 3 years

for leisure kids from 3 years of visiting a museum or a suitable theater.For example, the museum of folk toys "Zabavushka" house of tales "Once upon a time", "Soyuzmultfilm" - Museum of film studio.The Moscow Regional Puppet Theater is a lot of performances, they certainly like children.Some of them go for years, for example, "Golden Chicken", "Pig Chalk."

Another interesting place of entertainment for children 3 years in Moscow - Darwin Museum.It opened recently, but was able to catch the fancy of many children and adults.It is fundamentally different from the others.The new format of learning about the world, modern computer technology to help familiarize themselves with the prehistoric world, to observe the evolution from the beginning to the present day without the help of a guide.The museum will appeal to both quiet and active children.Some of the exhibits you can touch, move.

Entertainment Centers

Happylon Indoor Amusement Park is perfect for active kids.It includes a carousel, a movie theater, game machines, mazes.Rides are considered extreme, but it is safe, as thoroughly tested.It hosts various contests with prizes, a cafe, service is carried out only by trained, qualified personnel.

interests of developing an entertainment center for children in Moscow "Seventh Rainbow" and "Cosmic", located in the shopping center "European".This network, known throughout Russia for its platforms for active recreation for children.

time with your children in the capital, you can easily make an interesting and varied, because Moscow serves a variety of places that will make children glow with happiness and enjoy the soul.