Staritsa, Tver region - a small town with an ancient history

In Russia there are many wonderful small towns.One of these is Staritsa, Tver region.It is located in the upper reaches of the Volga, its steep banks to the west of the regional center.The nature here - a typical Central Russian, conventional hills, like everywhere in the Valdai Hills.Since they offer a view of meadows, rivers, forests.Once more we see that our ancestors knew how to choose well where to locate their settlement.All buildings fit perfectly into the nature surrounding them.

What is the town of Staritsa, Tver region.Where is?

This small town, which is the regional center, is located 72 km from Tver.Living here for nine and a half thousand people.It is located in the Valdai Hills, the eastern outskirts, ten kilometers from the train station in his own name on the line Rzhev - St. Petersburg.To Moscow 250 kilometers from here, but the town is not included in the famous route over the Golden Ring.Tver fame he has.Although the look is in these places, which are only abandoned church.Staritsa

, Tver region, remembers the heyday, as evidenced by historical monuments that have survived.From the 12th century in this area a lot of things have been built, but in the 17th century Polish-Lithuanian troops brutally burned and destroyed town.

How to get to Staritsy?

get to this city will be in Moscow, a distance that we need to overcome, just 250 kilometers.So, our final destination - Staritsa, Tver region.How to get there?There are several options.The first of them were going on the train from Moscow to Tver and Tver to choose the train, and then - on the bus.If the capital you wish to travel by bus, then go by metro Tushino, at 10.00 and 16.05 departures from there until the bus №963 Staritsa.Back in town, you can go directly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or to get from Tver.With her hand at the entrance to this small town is the bus station.Address: house №48 on Volodarsky Street, cross the track here Stepurino oxbow and Rzhev, Tver.Working hours are from 5.30 am to eight pm.If you go from Moscow by car, you need to get to the highway A-112, which connects the Tver and Rzhev.From the south of Staritsa is Novorizhskoe highway, M-9, in the north - Leningrad, E-95, M-10.

history of the city, of course, many other Russian cities have a history much richer, but he had the various disasters during its existence.During their years much has been lost, especially with regard to works of architecture of wood.In the 16th century Staritsa (Tver region) was the favorite residence of the great Tsar Ivan the Terrible.During the Livonian War - his staff.In those years it watchtowers under the roof of the tent type, white stone walls for foreigners were fabulous, fantastic picture, as if created by nature itself.Although the reference time history Staritsy considered the 12th century, archaeologists have found items that date back to the tenth century.Future monastery gave rise to a small chapel built by two monks - and Nikandr Trifon, who in 1110 came here from Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.Here and began hiding fugitives from the prince's excesses and infighting, as well as enemies.At the end of the 12th century in these places we began construction of the Assumption Cathedral of wood.But the invasion of the Tatars to destroy it.The names of the town changed regularly - High town Staritsa town in the New Town.It was only in the late 15th century, Prince Michael of Kiev, the alleged nephew of Tsar Alexander Nevsky ordered to build the city again and give him the name of Staritsa.


On top of the hill, when you are just moving along the road to the town from the Tver and Ivanishi drive through, seen the majestic old church of the Assumption.She stayed on the monastery, which existed in the 16th century.And here in front of us - the city Staritsa, Tver region.What to see here?It does not, of course, those attractions that some other localities, but some are telling the story of the city.The most basic - white stone Cathedral of the Assumption, built in 1530.It is situated in the same monastery, Prince Andrew Staritskogo revived in the 16th century near the town.Not far from him to build another cathedral in 1819.Its name - Trinity, made in classical forms, relevant to its time.Many buildings that adorned the most beloved city of Ivan the Terrible, have not survived: the beautiful and mighty walls of the monastery, a unique Borisoglebovsky Cathedral, the Church of Paraskeva Friday, very high bulk ramparts of the old fort.It is possible to study the history to come to the museum.

Photographing local attractions

If you do decide to apply visit here, be sure to bring your camera.In all there is a great sense of what he saw, the whole history of the people.All the more so in some places even in the destroyed buildings were partially frescoes, paintings and other interesting reminders of the last time period of prosperity.And what to speak of the Assumption Cathedral.City of Staritsa (Tver region), photos seen for a long time will remain in your memory.Also here on the last time to remind residents and white stone houses built of general application of the 18-19th centuries.