Holiday Village "Black Stones": reviews

Recreation "Black Stones" is on the border with Finland - this is one of the most beautiful parts of Russia.Beautiful green forests, blue rivers and lakes, amazing stone arrays, excellent landscape plains - all these rich nature of Karelia.Therefore, tourists from all over the world come here for enjoying the outdoors.

Resort Name

Recreation "Black Stones" is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Yanisyarvi that 340 km from the northern capital of our country.Around the pond spread Karelian forest.Such a convenient location provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the scenery, in fact at the base 4 hectares of its own territory.

Why this name at the resort?It is borrowed from "Brilliant hands" - the famous Soviet film, so the designers have tried to convey the atmosphere and mood in the composition of the base structures.By the way, on the shores of the lake are truly wonderful black stones.

Rest in Karelia

Vacationers come here year-round, nature is beautiful and unique, bec

ause every season is fraught with mysteries to solve which everyone wants.Their natural wealth this land generously travelers prepare for their unique experiences.

Karelia is especially popular in the summer when it becomes possible to visit local attractions.Interestingly, you can get there only by water transport.From May to September, full-flowing rivers and lakes are natural guides in the deep secrets of this land.Surrounding the island, open to the guests of Karelia, very original, they have a special way of life with its rhythm, they appear in front of guests in all its glory, calling to mind a sense of harmony.


fond memories of this summer holiday for a long time want to store in memory so that under unfavorable circumstances of life images of beautiful land surfaced in the memory, and you can once again feel yourself a happy man.

Rest in Karelia at other times of the year is covered tranquility and peace.This period is best performed in the comfort of hostels, which are located on the shores of mirror lakes with clear water.It is quiet, calm and comfortable, allowing you to relax body and soul.


Recreation "Black Stones" in Karelia - a luxury holiday with the best conditions.For its guests it responsive staff organize various tours.The visitors will get acquainted with Ruskeala Marble Canyon, which is a national treasure of Russia, entered in the state register, the ancient city of Sortavala, who cherishes more than 90 magnificent monuments.

Additional services enable the maximum benefit from the nature of this region.Here you will spend a lot of time outdoors, talking with local inhabitants of nature, you can swim, fish, or, finally, just to take a walk among the ancient pines along the winding paths of the Karelian forests.Holiday Village "Black Stones" will help restore lost in the bustle of the city power, to boost morale for conquering new peaks of life.

Fishing and hunting enthusiasts

rods waiting indelible impressions.Guests are taken to the fishing spots and can help with a fishing device that they never dreamed of.Because lakes and rivers are fishing - this Karelia!"Black Stones", recreation №4, did not forget about the professional hunters, or simply wanting to shoot.For them, it makes it possible to hike to the wild boar or deer, for this you will be given the proper equipment.This holiday destinations join experienced rangers who will be your advisers.

Small Children, tourists will not be left indifferent.They are waiting for an unforgettable surprises, because recreation "Black Stones" - a storehouse of ideas!We all know that kids are very fond of animals, so they organize a trip to the zoo, where they will see a variety of fauna that live not only in Russia but also in other countries.

Create comfort

Recreation "Black Stones" (Karelia) it has at its disposal a sports and sauna facilities.Its territory is a beautiful country cottages that are available for rent, as well as a hotel with fifteen rooms.Fine delicacies Karelian course gourmet restaurant offers a "Weeping Willow".In addition, you can taste the delicious food of traditional Russian cuisine and appreciate the taste quality variety of European cuisine.

  • Guests are invited to the six-storey deluxe cottage or standard class, which include a summer terrace, a bedroom, satellite TV, telephone for communication within the database, free WI-FI, kitchen-living room, toilet and shower.
  • two-storey cottage is equipped for 12 people, including eight bedrooms and all of the above.
  • two-storey cottage for 10 persons has a spacious lounge area, fireplace, TV set, internal phone, free WI-FI, kitchen with all amenities, bathroom, toilet, five bedrooms.Another 10-bed cottage has a sauna.
  • Also guests are accommodated in comfortable hotel "Atlantic", which has 15 rooms.Each contains an entrance hall, a bedroom with two single beds, toilet, shower, TV with satellite, telephone for internal calls, free WI-FI.Some rooms have balconies.
  • Another hotel called "Kaunis", there are 15 rooms of different sizes for sleep.Each room is equipped with a toilet, shower, free WI-FI, Direct-dial telephone.

All rooms are located in the new building, equipped with modern furniture, made quality repairs.

Anyone who has been here, will never forget what he saw, and will want to return to the "Black Stones".Holiday Village, a photo which depicts a black stones scattered along the coast, harbors many mysteries.What secrets hide the lake?Few people know that there is a cosmic version of its appearance - the fall of the meteorite.Lying on the banks of the stones retain their unusual color to date.Perhaps, indeed, they are of extraterrestrial origin.

who went to "Black Stones"?

Recreation, reviews of which contain positive information and delight guests, different beautiful nature and cozy cottages.Many tourists say that the area is protected, and there is parking, where to put a large number of cars.All infrastructure nearby, located 70 meters to the boat pier, a little further - sandy beach.The interior of the house is designed in the same style, the territory is a decent pool, hot tub, great bathhouse, there are places with barbecue, free firewood.
Judging by the numerous comments it - a magical place where you wake up in the morning to the singing of birds.The nature here is unmatched.Can all the equipment that is needed to relax, to rent.This place is ideal for outdoor activities and for relaxing.