The private sector in Abkhazia - photos and reviews

few decades ago to spend the summer in Abkhazia, the private sector, pensions and hotels which vied offered their services, was an accomplishment for the tens of thousands of people in our country.Timeless piece of nature, where the blue sea down the slopes of the ancient mountains, leaving only a small band of people to coastal features, rightly considered an elite place of rest.However, territorial disputes with its neighbors and, as a consequence, economic difficulties, slowed down the development of tourist business.The current leadership of Abkhazia is doing everything possible to attract tourists to the region, and it is necessary to note their actions give a positive result.

Where is Abkhazia?

Earlier each student could easily find on the map of Abkhazia, now mature, and people have a close look into the names of settlements.The northern part of the country is bordered by Russia, to the south - with the Republic of Georgia.Great Caucasus Range serves to coastal areas protected from cold winds

and the coastline stretches more than 200 km.The entire territory of Abkhazia is located in the subtropical climate zone, so the temperature even in winter does not fall below + 10 ° C, and can swim for at least 8 months of the year.

Resorts Abkhazia

Despite the fact that the area of ​​Abkhazia is relatively small, each resort it is totally different from the other.In any town there are unique characteristics to form their own microclimate.Most tourists are attracted to Sukhumi, the capital of the Republic of Abkhazia sun.The private sector, many hotels and resorts offer respite from budget to luxury.Gagra is the most popular Abkhaz resort.Quiet New Athos, Pitsunda, Gudauta buried in verdure gardens and parks.And if Picunda famous for its sanatoriums and boarding houses, the private sector most widely represented in Abkhazia in New Athos and Gudauta.

Sukhum Sukhum is the only city in the Abkhazian coast, where life does not disappear with the end of the season.But, however, it should be in the capital.Many resorts and hotels are switching to a year-round reception, good flow of those wishing to visit the land of plenty does not stop with the onset of November.Numerous discos, bars and restaurants do not close until late at night, showing visitors to the city as comfortable and interesting modern Abkhazia.The private sector in any area of ​​the city can be found literally within five minutes after arrival.

Sukhumi is located on an area of ​​27 square kilometers.And the majority of its residents to hand over their home season travelers.Recently renewed housing program, actively built residential buildings using the equity method of construction.So now the private sector in Abkhazia can offer even more than is claimed.

Accommodation options

As the experience of many travelers, there is nothing easier than to yourself to rent a house in Sukhumi (Abkhazia).The private sector without intermediaries offered right at the entrance to the resort MVO, where tourists come, following Adler by bus.At least a dozen proposals acceptable housing will soon be invited enterprising owners.However, it should be prepared that most of the apartments there is no repair, our compatriots called "European", and of a fridge and TV are also better to specify in advance.A significant advantage of this home is its relative cheapness.

apartments in new buildings is presented not as widespread as we would like to tour, and the owners usually do not sit with a poster on the street and are seeking tenants at special sites.The modern private sector in Abkhazia, namely in Sukhumi, presented spacious, bright apartments, well furnished and equipped with necessary equipment.

You can also rent a room in a private house, a nice addition to a green lawn and a garden with a gazebo.The cost of such property may also be different.Small room in the summer house with no indoor plumbing will cost much less comfortable rooms with air conditioning and a parking lot.Also of considerable importance on the price of the proximity of the sea.The wealth of choice allows tourists to effortlessly find a suitable option.


This city is the most popular resort in the country.The largest number of tourists flock here just attracted by the warm blue sea, lush southern vegetation and infrastructure.Old Gagra, with its quiet and peaceful street located on them boarding attract mature couple on vacation.Families with children, young people and those who seek to reduce the cost of your vacation, oriented to the private sector.In Abkhazia, particularly in Gagra, rent a house, even without an appointment can be for five minutes.

«race in Gagra train ...»

very popular housing in areas of Pearl, Camping, Continent, where the distance from the sea is less than a kilometer.Intensively being built private mini-hotels and resorts, offering an excellent level of service.The rooms have everything to meet the needs of tourists, from bathrooms with round the clock availability of hot and cold water to modern air-conditioning systems.As a rule, the owners of the hotel have the opportunity to use the kitchen, and some homemade food is organized.Prices for a double room suite start at 1500 rubles per room per night.

delight tourists is an extraordinary natural beauty, mild climate, where even the temperature of 30 ° C is transferred extremely easily.Pleasantly surprised by the prices, much lower than in nearby Sochi.But the central beach leaves a negative impression.Cleaning it is done very rarely, so the beauty of the landscapes nullify disgusting piles of garbage.Yes, and the sea water is not very clean.

For this reason, many guests prefer to Gagra Pitsunda beaches, located just 20 minutes away.


This city is perfect for a leisurely family vacation.It is notable for the almost complete lack of active life you like this, just along the coast are numerous pensions arrange for its guests fun animation program.Beaches - wide, mainly pebble, and the centuries-old pine trees down to the sea.Admired their clean and not crowded.

Pitsunda pine grove on all sides by moving to the city, filling the air with a unique substance.It is this resort offers the highest quality health holidays in Abkhazia.The private sector without intermediaries and find the cellar, although the number of proposals is much inferior Gagra and Sukhumi.Considering that the city resides only 4 thousand people, will not be superfluous to determine the place-based advance.

Those who chose for himself rest in Abkhazia, the private sector by the sea is often seen as the only option of accommodation.Dimensions Pitsunda so low that virtually all the residential sector is not far from the sea.The vast majority of tourists coming back from there, fully satisfied with their vacation.The only drawback is called an insufficient number of ATMs.

New Athos

Not only notable for its beaches, this mountainous country.Ancient castles and monasteries make a truly memorable holiday in the Republic of Abkhazia.Athos, the private sector is now especially in demand, it will serve as an excellent starting point to explore the Christian holy places.

is mainly represented in the cozy rooms for households, many amenities are in the yard.It should be noted that gradually appear and offers comfortable accommodation.Tourists appreciate the gently sloping beaches of New Athos, stimulating demand for modern living conditions.The city has several boarding houses, built in Soviet times.Thanks to the many of these reconstruction, they can offer quite decent conditions and to make a memorable holiday in Abkhazia.The private sector without intermediaries can be found on the spot, but its level can not quite meet the expectations of tourists.


in fifty kilometers from the Abkhaz capital, between high mountains and the coast of the Black Sea, in the vestibule of vineyards and tangerine groves hiding cozy resort of Gudauta.Thousands of tourists are passing it on the way to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world - Lake Riza.

But as a place to rest it chooses not too many tourists.And it is in vain, because it is in the outback can understand what it is, a real Abkhazia.The private sector in Gudauta sea can be rented for very little money.Along with just a room with no amenities guests Gudauta be offered luxury apartments with air conditioning and hot water round the clock presence.

Among the shortcomings of tourists say service has long stopped in its development, poor infrastructure and almost complete lack of entertainment.But the clean sea, pungent mountain air and beautiful scenery more than compensate for the lack of creature comforts.


deciding whether to go on vacation in Abkhazia, should take into account many factors.If the lack of five-star service does not become an obstacle, the presence of debris in the streets does not cause disgust, but at heart deeply hidden nostalgia for Soviet times, rest in Abkhazia be able to leave a lasting impression.If priorities are clear sea, Amazing nature, familiarity with the new culture, the heart of the home, leave a piece of Abkhazia, to make next summer to come back here again.