Moscow Kremlin and Red Square - the main attractions of Moscow

Moscow Kremlin and Red Square are the major attractions of the capital of Russia.Twenty-towers and the same walls were, in fact, the construction of a grand fortress to protect against the attacks of the enemy.Currently, the fortress lost its fortification destination.Moscow Kremlin and Red Square - a visiting card of Russia, its cultural heritage.

Main attractions

Kremlin is located on the Moskva River, on its left bank, high Borovitsky Hill.Along the perimeter are several travel towers, the rest are of architectural and historical character.The main tower of the ensemble - the Saviour, therein set clock chimes, which decided to celebrate the New Year across the country.The clock is always accurate time reference.Spasskaya Tower of Moscow is a separate attraction but tourists its interior are closed.

Moscow Kremlin and Red Square are linked together and complement each other.From the Spassky Tower originates Vasilevsky descent leading to the Moskva River, Bridge and Zamoskvoretskaya Beklemishe

v corner tower.

ancient Kremlin

In the 16th century were expanded and landscaped streets Kremlin: Nikolskaya, Chudovskaya and Savior.This was done for the relocation of many of the boyars and the clergy, who flooded the territory of the Kremlin, settling permanently with their families.The vacated area began to be built.In 1552, the belfry "Ivan the Great" received an addition in the form of the Church of the Resurrection, then the court of the Metropolitans of the Church of Three Saints appeared and miracle workers of Solovki.It was radically rebuilt the Grand Palace.Royal family received Beds Chamber about Church of Our Savior on Bor.

main sights of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, the Kremlin


  • Armoury Museum, which contains unique exhibits: the royal carriages and clothes monarchs, world-famous Monomakh, a collection of Faberge Easter eggs, Russian jeweler;
  • three grand cathedral: Archangel, Annunciation and Assumption.
  • Church of the Deposition of the Robe;
  • museum exhibit Tsar Bell;
  • belfry "Ivan the Great";
  • Tsar Cannon, a unique weapon.

What's on Red Square?

Main Square in Moscow St. Basil's Cathedral is famous for its other name - St. Basil's Cathedral.Temple of stunning beauty was created during the reign of Ivan the Terrible in honor of the conquest of Kazan.The architectural value of the cathedral is still not determined.This greatest masterpiece of church architecture designed by the architect named Faster and Barma.Nine churches gathered together.Each has its own name.In the center - the Church of the Intercession of the Virgin.Followed by:

  • altar in a church of the Three Patriarchs;
  • Holy Trinity;
  • Nicholas Velikoretsky;
  • Cyprian and Ustinov;
  • entrance into Jerusalem;
  • Gregory Armenian;
  • Alexander Svirsky;
  • Varlaam Khutynsky.

In the vicinity of the Pokrovsky Cathedral is a monument to Minin and Pozharsky.A little further - the place of execution, which were carried out public executions.Then it stretched the vast expanse of Red Square, covered with paving stones.At the end is the Russian Museum.On the left, along the Red Square, the Kremlin wall stretches, she ends Nikolskaya tower travel.

Until recently, the public interest called the Lenin Mausoleum and Kremlin wall section with honorable burial.Today, everything is planted blue spruce, but the popularity of this site does not use.On the opposite side is the Red Square GUM, Moscow's oldest department store.

Lighting sights Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, it is possible to mention the annual parade of military hardware, which takes place on the Square on May 9.

Soviet times

In Soviet times, many buildings were destroyed by the Kremlin.And it was done as a result of official directives of the Soviet government.Moscow Kremlin and Red Square are not considered to be the property of the Soviet government.Especially a lot of the exhibits were injured as a result of the barbaric actions of militant atheists.Suffered many sights of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square.Letter to the People's Commissar of Education Lunacharsky that he had sent the chairman of the CEC of the USSR Kalinin to prevent further damage, it was considered harmful, anti-communist and anti-Soviet.There were also demolished two ancient Kremlin Monastery - Ascension and Miracles.


Moscow Kremlin and Red Square was successfully restored in the post-Soviet period.Cathedrals and museums operate, there are new exhibits.On the question of which of the sights of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, the most interesting, there is no single answer.All the attractions are ambitious, each in its own way.Particularly impressed by the Kremlin and Red Square are left Armoury, St. Basil's Cathedral and the Russian Museum.You can not go past the church and the ensembles, the Cathedral Square and other sacred buildings of antiquity.The exact answer to the question of which of the sights of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, the most significant, will contest Antiques Moscow, scheduled for 2016.