City Sestroretsk: Sights description

Scenic, fabulous, cozy, colorful, amazing ... You can go on and on talking epithets when it comes to this ancient Russian city as Sestroretsk.Attractions his surprise and impress every tourist who come here to relax.The town was founded in the south of the Karelian Isthmus and was originally in the 20s of the eighteenth century, when the village was considered a weapons factory.

City of great beauty

What can be interesting to see, arrived in Sestroretsk?Attractions of this settlement can be listed for a long time: to them we dwell below.The city is built on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, whose natural beauty is just amazing.Surrounded by a forested area, Sestroretsk is considered one of the most picturesque corners of the planet.The name of the city gave the river's sister, because it is her arms appeared settlement.Residential neighborhoods and the unique architecture of the building on background of the water surface of expressive and colorful green areas - all this, devoid of clear territorial

boundaries, perfectly embodied in a beautiful landscape.

Sestroreck The famous attractions which amaze every traveler?

City Resort

This city is not the first year is a well-deserved title of North Riviera.It is here that attracts people from all over the country, not to mention the inhabitants of the "cultural" capital to enjoy the pristine beauty, escape from the bustle of the city and fix failing health.Yes, Sestroretsk and attractions which are delicious and great, among other things, is also a recreational area.There are all conditions for rest and recreation: Spa clinic, comfortable beaches, you can take a bath narzan from local sources.In other words, the unique nature and favorable climate help patients to normalize the functioning of the respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system, blood circulation.

«Sister Resort»

What sights Sestroretsk (Leningrad region) should be noted in the first place?

course, we are talking about the famous sanatorium "sister resort".It is located in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland bay Sestroretsk.Today, this facility used both classic and innovative treatments, and perform their qualified high-tech equipment.Here, patients treated respiratory diseases, digestive diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.Also there are occupational therapies.

Double room for one night will cost 1650 rubles per person.

Park "Dubki»

Attractions Sestroretsk (Russia) - is, of course, the famous park "Dubki", which appeared back in 1719 and thanks to the architects Van Zvitenu Udelfeltu.

After three years since the founding of "Dubki" was built three-story palace complex, which consists of a variety of pavilions and galleries.Later the park was equipped earthen fortifications to protect the harbor Sestroretsk.Today the building of the palace, unfortunately, did not survive.Nevertheless, today's young people often spend their free time in the park.

Garden Chaliapin

What else can surprise Sestroreck?Attractions whose description can not give pleasure, certainly, have glorified this picturesque city on the whole of Russia.That only is the famous "Chaliapin gazebo!"Sadly, today it looks more like a ruin.

A little earlier in the stage of "carrying culture to the masses" eminent artists.And it is likely that he and Fedor.Noteworthy is the fact that the pavilion is decorated with carved wooden ornaments.Modern architects have made analog of construction, so now you can see what the original appearance it once had.

Cottage Dvorzhetsky

Residential building was built by the famous architect Ginger S. Currently, home ownership is not decayed and is available for use.Once the house belonged to the notary by surname Dvorzhetsky, and after the revolution they took possession of the singer Sabinov (on the initiative of Soviet officials).

building is in the style of "Peter's baroque" with hints of "modern".

Museum "Sestroretsky abroad»

where an exhibition of weapons that were used during the Second World War in the defense of Leningrad.You can look at the Artillery APK-1, as well as covering his firing points.

Museum O. Bender

At this point you will be able to see things and accessories, which were mentioned in the famous works of Ilf and Petrov "The Twelve Chairs", "The Golden Calf", including: a police cap, "the great schemer" and weight Panikovski.

Church of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God

was inaugurated in the sixtieth anniversary of the Victory.Certainly, the new building does not have a huge space, but it strikes a nice and neat appearance.However, this is not important.The church is one of the major Orthodox relics - the Tikhvin icon.

Experts are convinced that it was written by the Apostle Luke in the fifth century, and later appeared in the Byzantine capital.When the city was the Turkish incursion, icon suddenly disappeared.And after some time it has been detected, and not just anywhere, but on the surface of the water of Lake Ladoga.At the same time it was decided to build a temple on the site and the architects followed Sestroretsk helped in this.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul

As you can see, many attractions in Sestroretsk - a tribute to Russian history.Once the Emperor Peter the Great began to build in the south of the Karelian Isthmus weapons factory to provide land and sea forces with everything necessary for the conduct of the war.Peter and Paul Church was originally built of wood (1722-1725 years).Later it burned down, and in its place was built the cathedral of stone.


garden is amazing with its unique architectural style of the town of Sestroretsk, attractions which fully prove it.At the beginning of the last century for members of the Russian intelligentsia it was fashionable to build summer cottages built here.To this day, some estates have retained their original appearance.In particular, we are talking about giving the notary Dvorzhetsky (see above) and on the mansion E. Wazewski that were built in strict accordance with the principles of Russian architecture.

However, another summer residence building, owned by E. Korneeva (Fetodotovskaya track, d. 18), made in the Art Nouveau style.

Leninsky hut

And, of course, almost every guide to Sestroretsk (Leningrad region) contains information about the shelter of Lenin, because this city and its surroundings have become a temporary shelter for the leader of the world proletariat.There Ulyanov was hiding at the time.Currently operates a museum, where visitors can find out the conditions in which he lived the leader of the Bolshevik movement.

Chapel Nicholas

far from the Church of St. Peter and Paul chapel is named after the well-known saint.Its construction - it is a merit of submariners who served in the Pacific Fleet.Noteworthy is the fact that the construction was brought to the earth from all construction sites on which manufactured domestic submarines.Church service held in the chapel on the days and dates, which are revered by sailors of the Russian fleet.Near the chapel is a memorial plate with information about the dead submariners.

Mosin Monument

When entering the city, you can see the monument to the famous inventor of the rifle.It is not far from the arms factory, where he worked, and Mosin.He started his career with a simple constructor, and later was appointed head of the studio.

place where you can eat

As you can see, the cultural program in Sestroretsk can be very, very extensive.All museums, mansions, churches, parks in a single day is not enough.If you want a break from exciting excursions you can go to any restaurant, of which there are many in Sestroretsk, and delicious to eat there.High demand from tourists to enjoy such facilities catering, restaurant "Calypso", the restaurant "Wasabi".Pleasant interior, varied menu, friendly staff - all this will rest comfortably and enjoy the savory dishes that are offered.